The Power of Authenticity

What does it truly mean to be authentic? Have we lost the power of living an authentic life?
The definition of authenticity is" true to one's personality, spirit, or character." I let
those questions sit with me for a minute. I started to ask myself and reflect on it to see if I truly live an authentic life.

Am I faithful to my personality? Am I true to my spirit and character? Thinking through these questions, I realized one thing, authenticity is a choice. We all have an opportunity to represent who we are and who we want to be. We make daily decisions to live out these qualities that make us authentic.

One thing we need to realize is the power of living an authentic life. We know we have a choice to do so, but what does this even do for me or those around me? When we are truly real and genuine to each other with no filters, then and only then, we are creating real human connections.

We often feel like we are the only ones, that life is and seems so perfect for everyone else, but....ME. We might even question why me, why not them?
 But what we don't realize is that the majority of us are not living authentically and showing the reality behind closed doors of our actual lives. Now, I'm not saying that you need to go and post all your issues on social media, but I am saying that you need to not leave these feelings, concerns, and seasons to yourself. Life was never created for you to do it alone.

There are so many tangible steps to take to live an authentic life. One, start by working on YOU. Realize who you are and then who you want to be. Before you can be authentic to the world, you need to be authentic to yourself. The second thing I feel we should do is, share who you are and what you are going through. It's so important that we find people to share our life with, and by sharing, I don't just mean the good stuff. When we share with someone what we are going through or what we have been through, we often can connect with someone else who is going through the same thing. We will begin to realize more and more, we are not alone, and the feeling of loneliness can quickly turn into hope and purpose. We immediately will be able to use our pain for a purpose to help walk alongside people.

Isn't quite crazy that just by being you and sharing your story, YOU find purpose, YOU give hope, and YOU find YOU.  Be you the best you. The Authentic you.


Written By: Mackenzie Lucas

Image Credit: Pinterest