Our Company

Bhansali is a fine jewelry company creating modern heirlooms and custom pieces in limited quantities. We are available only through private appointments, our intimate events and select retail partners like Bergdorf Goodman.

Our Philosophy

Our bold and beautiful pieces are a celebration of what makes us special — the inherent traits that make us both individually different and in unison, strong. And then together we make the world beautiful by giving back.

Our Approach

At Bhansali, we design for the future by learning from the past. This creative process moves us forward and leads us to a deeper understanding of who we are. It is our way of creating timeless beauty.

Our Promise  

Wherever life takes you, Bhansali wants to ensure that the your pieces remain as exquisite as the day you bought them. Therefore, we promise not only to offer you the best service, but the best care as well.