A Bhan Bhan Dinner

This past month, a group of women came together to honor, empower, and be a part of creating something new. Through our mission here at Bhansali, we are continuously working to build community and specifically a community of women who are shaping the world we live in and contributing to our society in a significant way.

This was not only a Bhansali Dinner but one that would be honoring a life-changing woman, Priya Verma. 

Priya is a transactional entertainment talent lawyer who represents writers, producers, filmmakers, actors, and comedians in film, television, and the new media. Priya has recently been a part of our One x One series here at Bhansali, where we got to dive deeper into conversation with her. She describes herself as resilient, and we would have to say she is resilient at its finest.

She has recently been featured in “The Hollywood Reporter’s Next Gen 2019: 35 under 35” issue and continues to be a mentor for The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment Mentorship Program. She spoke throughout the interview with knowledge and depth, saying, “In order to reach great heights, you have to be willing to sacrifice and suffer a bit.”

I was able to catch up with her after the event as she gave me some of her thoughts on the night saying, "The night itself was truly magical. The women that attended were all incredibly passionate, creative, independent and inspiring. Anar truly brought together a group of powerful women from all different backgrounds. There was a moment when I took a look around the dinner table and saw everyone interacting with each other and learning about each other on a deep level.”

Priya is at the front lines of change in and around the world as she continues to shake up her industry. It was our honor and privilege to create a space to honor her.

As the guest arrived, no one was quite sure just what the night would hold, but the room was full of joy and excitement for the opportunity to join together. Each seat was filled with strong, beautiful women who are a part of our family here at Bhansali. The space was full of women across a diverse range of ages, backgrounds, and occupations, creating a diverse center of knowledge and strength for each other. Each woman there was beautifully different, and the variety of the space created an energy that set the tone for the night.

Reema Dutt was a guest at the event, and afterward, I got to ask her a few of her thoughts on the day. Reema spoke her heart, saying, “Beauty was really in the diversity of the night, not just with the women that attended, but with the way the evening itself unfolded and the activities that were planned. The serenity of the space felt very nonjudgmental, and the activities were thoughtful yet light-hearted. It allowed us all to share our thoughts and stories in a candid way, without being too heavy. Nothing was over planned, which was really refreshing as we had time actually to get to know each other more personally. I enjoyed the balance this dinner offered. It was comforting and motivating at the same time."


Seeing these women leave full of life and full of love not only for each other but for themselves is the reason Bhansali exists. We are grateful for this beautiful community and the opportunity to serve these women every day. We cannot wait to continue to build community and bring new events and beauty to you in 2020!


Written By: Mackenzie Lucas