I’ve always been inspired by women
who’ve changed the world –
women like Coco Chanel, Princess
Diana and Audrey Hepburn. Each
had charisma, beauty and talent,
but more importantly, they were
unapologetically themselves.

At Bhansali, our distinctive jewelry,
BHAN BHAN dinners and ONE x
ONE interviews help us as women
realize beauty is reflected in
everything we do. This confidence
empowers and uplifts others as

START by Bhansali, was created
with this purpose in mind. In the
program, under-served youth
are guided to recognize their full
potential through workshops in
creative entrepreneurship.
Just like you and me, everyone
deserves to shine. Being true to
yourself and sharing that with
others is how we make this world a
more beautiful place.

With Love,
Anar Bhansali