I believe freedom is life’s greatest luxury. Being free to discover purpose in one's life results in a deep peace and beauty that so few of us attain. I've found my purpose through Bhansali.

It gives me so much pleasure to see my clients come alive when they wear Bhansali. Whether it's the bold beauty of ONE, the glamour of CONNECT, or the elegance of HOPE, it is as though the jewelry awakens an inherent beauty inside of them.

At Bhansali, we empower others to create a livelihood through their deepest passion — just as I have. This is why we created START, a non-profit company that fosters creative entrepreneurship in underserved areas within our local communities.
Launching START has added so much meaning to my life. My creations now have an inner beauty which reflects my passions and values. When you chose to wear Bhansali, you are also choosing to uplift others around you as a portion of every sale goes to fund START. I am grateful to all who support us in this effort.

With Love,
Anar Bhansali