We stand by you and every piece we make. When purchasing Bhansali jewelry, each piece is given a unique ID that is engraved on each piece. * Additionally, you will be given a receipt and a certificate of authenticity. Please keep these two documents safe.


Bhansali Together is our custom engagement and wedding ring service. This service offers you our creativity, design expertise and craftsmanship to help you bring your love story to life. Our service is tailored to meet your budget and timeline. Please contact us to learn more about this service.


Bhansali Bespoke is a custom design jewelry experience where we create one-of-a-kind pieces for just for you. A minimum of four months is needed for our atelier to make simpler pieces, and a minimum of six months is needed for more extravagant, rare, or technical pieces. Because this is a very personalized service, we limit the number of projects we take on yearly. If interested, please contact us to reserve this service.


When you purchase Bhansali jewelry, you become a valued member of the Bhansali family. We pride ourselves by providing premium services to our customers, including repairs and complimentary cleaning. Please contact us if you have questions about any of our services.


Prices listed are only estimates and subject to change depending on the assessment.

Resize Ring Down – Starting at $50

Resize Ring Up – Starting at $100
Minor Repairs (normal wear, polishing, etc.) –Starting at $150
Bhansali ONE gemstone replacement – Starting at $300
Other: Contact us for a free assessment

*Bhansali jewelry made before 2018 may not have a unique ID number. In this case, your receipt will be the best document to save.