Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (Part I)

This series of posts is about members of my family who not only trail-blazed the industry, but also, continue to support BHANSALI as a fine jewelry company. We stand tall because BHANSALI is built on the shoulders of giants.

The first story is about my Dada – my grandfather on my father's side, Rajnikant Bhansali.  As my father recalls, one day when he was a young boy, suitcases filled with gold, diamonds and gemstones showed up on the doorstep of his home in Mumbai. As it turns out, those suitcases belonged to the last Maharaja of Baroda, King to one of the wealthiest cities in India during the British rule. Baroda was known for being home to the world’s best painters, artists, and craftsmen – a true artistic haven full of magic.

Over the years, the royal family became a patron of all creative arts, amassing one of the world’s most impressive collections of jewelry. And when the royal lineage decided to sell some of their pieces in the late 1970’s, they entrusted my grandfather to find new homes for these prized possessions. Today, these pieces sit with top retailers and collectors around the world.

My clients always tell me that the stones we use at BHANSALI are captivating– vibrant, rich,and full of life. As I think back on my family history, I now realize that that captivation has everything to do with the relationships with master stonecutters and world-class suppliers that my family has built over the years.

Oftentimes, I hear clients tell me that they feel royal or regal when they put on their favorite BHANSALI piece. I love hearing that. Not only because feeling majestic is empowering, but also because I am proud that I have maintained my family’s legacy through my creations.