Finding Bhansali by Fadia Al Zain

We never realize it, not until it happens to us. How two very different worlds can so easily come together and find so much in common. It was this very type of incident that brought me to the world of Bhansali, a world of beauty and wonder. It would be the Doha Jewelry & Watch Exhibition in February 2017 that would act as our very first meeting point. I had been working with another jewelry company that year, and it would happen to be part of the same section where Bhansali’s grand stand stood. I had been so nervous that day; prepping for a TV interview. The exhibition that takes place annually in Doha, Qatar, has always been fast-paced. It’s a constant rush - the good kind. The halls fill with clients going and coming; an array of elegantly dressed men and women; looking on past all the glass case pieces at the wonders that wait for them. It has always been my favorite time of year. I had always had my favorite jewelers, who I had grown quite loyal to. This year that list would grow by one, as well as a newfound friendship and someone who shared my wonder of such things as well as the stories that lay behind them.

As I ended my interview, I looked past the cameras only to find a smiling onlooker, standing at her stall and cheering me on. I walked up and introduced myself only to find an elegantly dressed woman and gentleman. I really believe in first impressions and from the first second I knew I would really like them very much. The Bhansali stand, to me, is timeless. Case piece after case piece of forever beauties; each telling their own story. The craftsmanship, you can clearly tell, is one that has come from much talent and taste. I remember being blown away by a few pieces they had that year, a set of bangles which had been created to actually bend! I love jewelry but what I love more is innovation behind it. The idea that a beautiful set of titanium bangles could never bend was only every woman’s dream. A lady of the world’s best friend- immediately my mind whizzed to how perfect this pair would be and only cringed at remembering how many pairs of bangles I had bent out of shape, even some had snapped, no matter how carefully I packed them or what shape jewelry box I invested in.

 As I admired the jewelry, Anar - the designer behind the brand - introduced me to the smartly dressed gentleman, her father. We began discussing the pieces and how they had carried on their designs through their inspiration of history and their own family’s legacy. Many times; I believe the world has become fast-paced; it takes history for granted. History, to me, is the foundation to what lies beyond it. Without a past, there is no future and the present cannot be. The beauty of being inspired by history is almost like creating a space within a moment. For time to stop and begin once again over and over, turning a “time” of the past into what we may call “timeless.” This very word was the only way I could describe each ring that I slipped on my finger, the earrings I held up to the mirror on the table, and another forever piece I instantly fell head over heels over - the links that wrapped around my wrist - so softly, where no matter what angle I held my arm; they just had the perfect flow across.

The jewelry Industry is wonderful in my mind; it allows us to share so much of who we are with the rest of the world. By meeting Anar and becoming a part of the world of Bhansali, I find myself being tied to another part of history. As she tells her stories through each creation, she brings together chapters of wonder through the glistening world of jewelry design. With Bhansali, I find myself going down a path of discovery, as I come to appreciate the soul that each piece carries, a part of Bhansali and its untold history, unfolding with every glisten and every slice of a stone.


About Fadia Al Zain

Fadia Al Zain is a curator of Jewellery & Design.

Fadia’s diversified skill-set and in-depth knowledge of the world of design, has enabled her to be part of the Jewellery world. She enjoys spending much of her time creating strong ties within the design industry that surrounds her in the Middle East as well as globally. From an early age, she found herself deeply fascinated with the fundamentals of jewellery design as well as a deep yearning to further develop her understanding of design’s history and origin.

She believes that every jewellery piece holds a story behind it, with carving and each setting of a stone- a layer uncovered of its very soul. Through her experience, she is able to bring these stories together, sharing her love for Jewellery and the secrets of its production.

Fadia is a graduate with a BA in Architectural and Interior Design from the New England School of Art and Design. She has produced many trunk shows within the Middle East; bringing together Designers regional as well as global under one roof.