Slice Diamond Heart Earrings



Long earrings with a heart motif, designed collaboratively by Samir and Anar, embody the beauty of love and connection. Through their intricate design and fine craftsmanship, these earrings serve as a symbol of the special bond between two people, inspiring us to cherish and celebrate our own relationships. This is a one of a kind piece.


Slice diamonds are a unique material that was introduced to the jewelry world by award-winning designer Samir Bhansali. What sets BHANSALI’s slice diamond creations apart is the exceptional quality and sizes of the diamonds used. Samir and Anar Bhansali take great care to ensure that each slice matches, creating a cohesive and harmonious family of diamonds. Crafting the special pieces in the Heirlooms Collection is a true labor of love, with some pieces taking up to a year to create.


Use a soft cloth to gently wipe clean, then remove any remaining impurities with mild diluted soap. Rinse with warm water and dry thoroughly before storing. 


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