TRANSCEND Diamond and Titanium Earrings



TRANSCEND draws inspiration from the journey of triumphing over challenges, celebrating resilience, and the inner light that shines even in adversity. Its intricate design reflects life's complexities, transformed into beauty, akin to a gem forged under pressure—a tribute to the indomitable human spirit.


Titanium's hardness presents challenges in drilling and shaping, particularly for crafting precise stone settings. Our jewelry pieces are meticulously laser-cut and hand-finished by skilled artisans to achieve its unique design. Setting diamonds or gemstones on titanium demands mastery and finesse to avoid damage, given the metal's remarkable durability.


Yellow Titanium

White Brilliant Cut Diamonds, 6.05 carats

Actual weights will be certified with purchase. 

Style Number: 12EAYT001-DIA


Originally developed for advanced aerospace technology, titanium has become a prized material in high-end jewelry for its rarity and unique properties. Its exceptional lightweight nature, coupled with remarkable strength-to-weight ratios, allows for intricate yet structurally robust designs. Additionally, titanium's anodization capability creates a spectrum of vibrant colors, adding a personalized touch to these exclusive jewelry pieces.


Use a soft cloth to gently wipe clean.


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