What Does Luxury Mean to You?

Letting this question sit with me for a minute, I first found myself thinking of the “luxury” things we see in life, such as luxury cars, jewels, homes, and vacations. All of the thoughts in my mind quickly became material things, and I was reminded of the conversation I recently had with Anar Bhansali. When discussing luxury, her response was one that struck me and has stuck with me today. Her outlook on luxury is that it can only be truly found through giving back.

Inspired by Anar and the work of Bhansali through START, we as a community now have this amazing opportunity to redefine what luxury looks like. We have the opportunity to take what once was looked at as a material thing, a selfish thing, and an exclusive place. This could now be looked at as a fresh start for someone, a sense of hope for another, and a newfound purpose for many.

By redefining luxury, we are taking the focus off of ourselves, and projecting that focus on a future for somebody else. We often get so caught up in our own lives, our day to day, our struggles, that it can be hard to look outside of that. The act of giving is a muscle. Our muscles do not grow just by working out once, but they grow by making it a routine in our life. If we want the muscle of generosity to grow, we have to continue to work it out and be sacrificial in our lives.

Bhansali has helped change my perspectives on luxury. It has shown me that through luxury, there is sacrifice, and through sacrifice, there is life for someone else. When we change our mindset of luxury to give, we are not only investing in a product for ourselves, but we are investing in a better future for someone else.

I want to leave this life better than I found it. I want others to reap the seeds I spend my life sowing. I want people to be able to have hope, love, and purpose based on how I lived my life. The best news is that we all get to be a part of this! We all get to refine luxury as individuals and as a tribe here at Bhansali. We create the future by our posture and the sacrifices we make today. Let's stop waiting for another day, another perfect moment, and instead let's start creating the true luxuries in life for each other.



Written by: Mackenzie Lucas
Image Credits: Esther Sutanto