Treasured Memories

As a little girl, there were few things more magical than exploring my mother's jewelry collection. The glittering gems and shimmering metals are like treasure troves waiting to be discovered, and each piece felt like it had a story of its own.

I was entranced by the beauty and elegance of each piece, trying on necklaces that were far too long and bangles that are far too big for my little wrists. I would  twirl around in front of the mirror, dreaming of one day wearing these treasures myself.

This moment is not just about the jewelry, though. It's about the bond between my mother and myself and the passing down of family traditions. As my mother shares her collection with me, she shares a part of herself and her heritage. She passes on the stories behind each piece and the memories that are attached to them.

And while these treasures hold a special place in a my heart. When I got married last April, my mom gave me some of her pieces to carry on our family’s tradition as I begun my own. These pieces represent the love and connection between mother and daughter, and the hope and excitement for what the future may hold.

When I founded BHANSALI jewelry, I knew that I wanted to create pieces that would capture this magic and be passed down for generations, just like the ones my mother gave me on my wedding day.