TOGETHER with Scott and Micala Thomsen

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How did you meet?

We met in French class our freshman year of high school in 2005. I told my friend that I had a crush on Micala, so he found her phone number in the school directory and called her house phone on my behalf. The rest is more or less history, but it involved a lot of AIM chatting. Her screenname was snowchick3m. I used to wait all night for that handle to pop up in my buddy list - S


Do you have a favorite memory of a time you shared together?

I think the obvious answer is our wedding, which was at the Vibiana Cathedral in downtown Los Angeles. But the sleeper hits would be the ski trips we’ve taken together and all the concerts we’ve been to. - S+M


What about your partner makes you smile?

In short, her vibrancy and joy. I cannot imagine a world without such light. – S

His curiosity, imagination, and sense of adventure. His ability to go down rabbit holes that I could’ve never dreamed up makes me smile. Just yesterday, I learned about loquat trees. - M


What was it like to buy an engagement ring?

I wanted to choose the ring on my own (without Micala's input) because I trusted my taste. All I knew was she wanted gold, rather than silver. I got in touch with Anar who was an absolute god-send. Eventually, we ended up choosing a gorgeous coiled gold ring with a diamond halo. - S

How did you propose?

We were spending a month in Lyon before I started graduate school. I planned on proposing on a footbridge crossing a river in the old town, but, the day of, the bridge was too crowded. So instead, I made Micala hike up this massive hill and proposed beneath the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière just as the sun set. We then legit ran through the city to get to a dinner reservation at a Michelin starred restaurant. - S


What's one lesson you have learned that you would like to share with other newlyweds?

Don’t run from joy. - S

Be present, take pleasure in the little moments that you get to now share as a family, and fearlessly trust your partner. - M


What is it like to quarantine together?

Quarantining together has been better than expected. We mainly sit out on our porch and look at the mountains behind Los Angeles. Out of necessity, I’ve become good at making cortados and barbecuing. - S

We’ve created new habits together. We spend a lot more time cooking and washing dishes than we ever had before. And we’re going on lots of sunset walks. I can confirm that Scott makes a good cortado – he has officially converted me to a coffee drinker in quarantine. - M