On Personal Style with Nisha Choksi

Follow along as Nisha Choksi (@choksin), a renowned style creative with a keen eye for elegance, explores the world of fine jewelry and personal styling. Together, we delve into the intricacies of accessorizing with exquisite pieces from BHANSALI, showcasing how jewelry can elevate any look from ordinary to extraordinary.

Tell us about yourself: What led you to become a creative consultant and interior designer?

I was very creative throughout my childhood. I did Indian classical dance since I was five, I drew and painted throughout high school and I was obsessed with fashion and beauty ever since I can remember. I was a sensitive observant kid and was notably impacted by my physical environment since a young age. When I was in a space that felt beautiful or inspiring I immediately felt happy, uplifted and engaged. The shift in my mood was noticeable and that feeling remained with me as I got older.

In adulthood I took a very academic path, working in economic policy research. Although it was something I excelled in, I realized it was not what fulfilled me. I shifted careers by first working in real estate and then transitioning into interior design, which was the creative path I always desired! Being able to create spaces that invoke a positive inspired response makes me so happy.

Creative consulting is something that has come very organically. I’ve been engaged by many talented folks from a variety of creative backgrounds to help them architect and refine their visual narratives—especially for branding purposes. These unique projects have allowed me to integrate all of my creative interests (design, graphics, fashion, etc.), which is really fun for me.

How would you describe your style, and what inspires it? Are there particular influencers, designers, or cultural movements that influence your fashion choices?

My style is minimalist in silhouette and shape with ornamental details. This holds true in both interiors and in fashion. I appreciate minimalism for its purity and precise form and maximalism for its glamor, artistry, and layers. On the minimalist side, I’m inspired by architects like Tadao Ando, John Pawson, and Bijoy Jain and brands like The Row. On the maximalist side, I enjoy looking to history—ancient Hindu & Moghul architecture, traditional embroidered garments, patterned textiles, and royal jewelry. Bringing these opposites together to find balance feels the most “me.” In a way, this mix also brings together my Western and Eastern sensibilities.

Nisha wearing ONE


In your opinion, how does confidence and self-expression intersect with your approach to style, and why is this connection important to you?

Expressing myself through fashion is an important daily exercise just like meditation. When I’m choosing my look I’m also pausing to connect to myself, identifying how I feel, and acknowledging what I want to reflect out in the world. This process helps strengthen my sense of self and my confidence. When my inner essence radiates out through my look I feel the most confident, at ease, and aligned.

What drew you to the world of fine jewelry, and is there a specific message or narrative you aim to convey through the pieces you select and wear?

I see many parallels between fine jewelry and architecture. These are constructed forms that are not just beautiful to look at but must function appropriately in real life as well. Both are also intimately connected to their end-user. Architecture and jewelry are typically long term investments that hold people’s most special memories. Because of these reasons, fine jewelry has always felt very familiar to me and like an extension of my world.

The pieces I select and wear typically represent this idea of mixing minimalism and maximalism together. Furthermore, jewelry is a place where I like to celebrate craftsmanship and my Indian heritage. I love pieces that reference Indian motifs and traditional setting styles but with a modern twist.

The Bhansali Grace collection represents this idea very well


When choosing jewelry brands to invest in, what criteria or qualities do you look for in those brands?

Refined craftsmanship — I often look for pieces that have been made by hand. Quality of stones and materials. And some type of unique detail (stone color, shape, motif) that can start a conversation.

Among the jewelry brands you've encountered, what makes BHANSALI stand out to you personally?

What drew my eye to Bhansali is their quality, refined finishing, and modern approach to design, which is based in traditional concepts. Anar has a distinct ability to use restraint. Although, she comes from this world of ultra glamorous couture pieces she knows how to take a stripped back approach where the pieces are detailed, elegant, and wearable.

Nisha in the Transcend Earring

Lastly, do you have a favorite piece of jewelry that holds special significance or stands out as particularly memorable in your collection? If so, what is it and why?

It’s very hard to choose just one! But I’ll say I have some enamel pieces from India, which are exquisite! Yellow gold and white enamel bangles that have a delicate floral pattern in them (handed down from my paternal grandparents) and a pair of navy blue enamel earrings with an unusually modern shape— like a sail (handed down from my maternal grandmother). The intricate enamel work done by hand is so impressive and I love how the pieces connect me to earlier generations of my family.

About Nisha

Nisha Choksi is an interior designer, creative consultant, and investor. Her love affair with art, fashion, and beauty started in childhood and propelled her into the design world as an adult. With her heart and culture straddling many intersections, Nisha has a singular ability to identify visual, emotional, and referential commonalities and combine them in unexpected yet refined ways. This approach to design begins with intuition and is bolstered by her thirst for knowledge and a background in academic research. Nisha is motivated by the understanding that our physical environment has a notable impact on our minds, moods, and outcomes. As a result, she approaches design from a holistic perspective, committed to creating beauty that is both felt internally and externally. Follow Nisha @choksin

Styling and images provided by Nisha Choksi (@choksin)