Why We're Lowering Our Prices

To Our Bhansali Community,

We have all felt, and continue to feel, the unfathomable effects of these past few months.

And just like everyone else, we at Bhansali have had to adjust. With the luxury industry slowing down to a near halt, there have been hard realities to face and tough decisions to make. There’s been a countless cut to our expense structure, even more sleepless nights, and stress-induced hives along the way. And though this process has been difficult to say the least, it has also given us the opportunity to achieve some clarity about who we are, what we do and why we do it.

From the beginning, my intention has been to create and celebrate beauty in the world. From the pieces I design to the content our team creates, we strive to inspire others by being ourselves. That is why I take so much pride in what we do.

Now more than ever, it is important to me that I keep creating and celebrating that beauty, and that I do whatever I can to protect my employees, my business and my customers. For that reason, I have decided to temporarily lower all our prices until further notice.

 As you know, the cost of our pieces is reflective of the quality of stones, the ateliers we work with, and the love and attention we put into every little detail. We believe in fine craftsmanship: that a piece should last generations and look as beautiful in ten years as the day you bought it. We believe in giving our customers creations that have value, and at a fair price. With this price cut, I hope to make our pieces even more accessible. If there’s a piece that you’ve had your eye on, I want you to have it and enjoy it.

I have not stopped celebrating the beautiful moments and milestones that continue to exist in life, be it a perfect sunrise or a loved one’s birthday. Because sometimes, for me at least, I need to be reminded that there is still so much beauty in the world, that life still goes on, and that we can find joy in our everyday lives.

It scares me to admit that the future of Bhansali feels so uncertain, but I do hope that we will make it through this time and emerge stronger and wiser. And I hope the same for you and all your loved ones. We’ll always find a way to help one another prevail, evolve and come back stronger than before.

Please continue to stay safe and look after yourselves and one another.

With Love,
Anar Bhansali