TOGETHER with Raj and Pooja

TOGETHER is our custom design service. If you have a special story to tell, we want to help share it.

Bhansali can help you create custom pieces which will help celebrate these memories for generations. Because, together, we can bring your beautiful story to life.

1) How did you meet?

P: Raj and I first met in London in June 2016 through mutual friends. I remember first seeing him and thinking that he had an amazing smile and this really great sense of humor, but he also had this air about him that intrigued me and made me want to get to know him better.


2) Do you have a favorite memory of a time you shared together?

P: Oh, there are so many! Something that remains very special in our hearts are the countless hours spent playing online scrabble while we were dating long distance.


3) When or how did you know he/she was the one?

It was easy! We got along very well, we would spend hours on the phone every day talking about anything and everything. Nothing felt better than being in each other's arms. The icing on the cake was that after 2 months of talking, we found out that our grandmothers had been best friends 20 years ago while both of them lived in London and when we were younger.


4) What is the most beautiful thing about your partner?

R: Her kind heart and her overwhelming love.


5) What was it like to buy an engagement ring?

R: Buying an engagement ring for Pooja was an easy and seamless process. It took around 1 week to decide on the design of the ring and Anar helped at every step of the process. She went above and beyond to help me compare diamond styles and cuts easily after I had shortlisted my favorite options. We decided on a classic round brilliant diamond ring to get the most sparkle. The finished product was exceptional with a breathtaking setting. When it comes to customer service, Anar has raised the bar very high.


6) How did you propose?

R: I spent 3 months planning the proposal which took place at a private beach in Ibiza. On the morning of the proposal, we woke up, got dressed and then left our villa headed towards Cotton Beach Club. Once we reached there, we hiked for 30 minutes to get to the private beach. I suggested it would be nice for us to get a photo together of us playing Scrabble as it had been such an important part of our lives. As Pooja opened the Scrabble board, she found the words "Will you marry me?" written down with the tiles.


7) What's one lesson you have learned that you would like to share with other newlyweds?

It's a given that you should always look for ways to serve one another, but the trick is to do it without any expectations. We do it because we love each other, not because we expect something in return.


8) What is it like to quarantine together?

P: Blessed and highly favored! It's been amazing having had the opportunity to have all these months of being together. Quarantine has brought us even closer than before. I can't imagine going through this stressful and uncertain time without Raj's support.