#STARTinspiring: Lindsay Newton-Lipkin

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AB: We have seen influential influencers, like Something Navy's Arielle Charnas, fall from grace due to inappropriate messaging during these turbulent times. However, some influencers are doing it right. In this interview, Lindsay shares everything from her struggles and saving graces to how she find their moments of solace. We love Lindsay for her authenticity and accessibility.  

An Interview with Lindsay Newton-Lipkin

  1. How are you connecting differently with your followers during times of crisis? 

I'm trying to be as authentic and transparent as possible on social media. I'm trying to show how real life is affecting myself and others right now.  I'm also trying to create content that is more specific to this time in our lives; how to help others and how to DIY certain things that can help with little daily tasks that we are all struggling to fulfill.  Talking about anxiety and tough times and being honest about how they are affecting myself and my family.

  1. How do “life’s turbulences” and the overall “global attitude” right now affect the brands you buy and the products you endorse?

My business as a whole is driven by retail and the industry is focusing on the greater good as a united front for one of the first times ever.  Competition is almost out of the question and sales are frequent.  Brands are donating supplies and money to causes and healthcare organizations, making the choice of which brands to support and endorse simple.  I've never seen the industry support other businesses in such a selfless way as right now.

  1. Let’s talk about balance. Mother/wife/career – what trade-offs have you made to manage all three -- past, present (with home-schooling) and future? 

Balance is all but gone.  Life is all about trade-off's right now.  In the past, I traded going to a traditional office and job format to work for myself and be home as much as possible for my children.  Hopefully, the same will happen again in the future.  Now, I am still able to be home with them, but my work has had to take a back seat to schooling.  They are learning how to educate in a completely new format, as am I.  Finding time to work is a struggle and our daily schedules are totally different, which is a major trade-off for all of us.  We are learning and adjusting to a new normal of daily operations, but giving ourselves grace while we do it is key in getting through each day.

  1. Can you speak to the importance of social media right now? Any tips on how to be more engaging than ever?

Be your most authentic self!  Show all of it - the good, the bad and the ugly.  We are all facing something together and being able to relate to someone is so important during quarantine.  Social media is an incredibly connective force when we are not able to physically be together, so we must treat it as the connection it is.  Respond to followers, reach out to others and share your honest life experiences.

  1. What's your tip for staying positive right now?  

Focus on three small positives every day, no matter how little they may be.  And move your body!  Exercise in any form is huge for helping to face anxiety head-on and helps provide a tiny bit of normalcy to life. 


 About Lindsay Newton

Lindsay Newton is the founder and editor of A Dash of Pretty, a life and style blog.  After working in retail and fashion public relations, she translated her love for clothing, beauty, and style into a space where women can find inspiration, positivity and a great sale score.