Connect: Our Inspiration

Through the decade's, women have continuously paved the way and created a marker that we have continued to go back to for inspiration.

 In the 1980s, women were the powerhouses of fashion and not ashamed to express and glamorize their day to day wear. They found meaning and confidence in their style. Their style did not define them but instead was an outward expression of their creativity, confidence, and design.

Liz Taylor, a fashion icon and a woman who paved the way for many, was never shy nor ashamed of the jewels she carried throughout her life. From her casual wear to evening ball gowns, Liz never ceased to look glamorous.

In the 1950's Princess Grace Kelly continued to make style headlines for her diamonds and jewels, her engagement ring is one of the most memorable diamond rings still to date. Princess Grace continuously lived up to her name carrying grace, strength, and style throughout her life. 

Continuing with the theme of strong, beautiful women, Marilyn Monroe famously coined the phrase, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend.". Marilyn was proud of her love and appreciation for the jewels in her life and confident in the way she wore them.

All of these women and so many more helped pave the way for us today. Their confidence was strong through who they were as women, and their jewels were and still are some of the most iconic pieces of all time. 

The Connect collection was inspired by these decades and the women of those times. All of the pieces in the Connect Collection are designed and created by and for powerful women. With this collection, we wanted to break the mold of glamour; we wanted to bring back that everyday glamorous life for all women. With this collection, you can bring a touch of luxury and glamour with you every day.

We find it can be essential and fun to have a special night out that we celebrate every once in a while, but those moments don't seem to come often enough. Our lives should be celebrated continuously, spending every day feeling good about ourselves and allowing each day to be a day of expressing the luxury of who we are.

Anar Bhansali, the designer, and wonder of Bhansali, discussed the collection, saying, "I took a very traditional and classic design and found a new expression for it - its young, contemporary but still classic and evergreen. It is forward without being too forward."

The designs are a new luxury that can take you throughout your day. The collection features stunning earrings designed with a detachable piece taking you from one look to two. The flexibility and wearability of this collection creates a whole new meaning for luxury for women. These unique designs are created to give more value and purpose to each piece by creating multiple ways to express and wear them.

Feeling confident, beautiful, worthy, glamorous, and strong are all things that we hope and believe we as women will pass down for generations. The Connect Collection is a physical and tangible way we can pass each one of these things down to our children, grandchildren, friends, and family.


Written by: Mackenzie Lucas